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W.J. Deutsch greets Gori for its commitment in shipping and delivering Beaujolais Nouveau to USA within a month

Challenge was to deliver over 1.968.000  bottles from cellars in the Beaujolais area to final consumers in the USA territories within  a month in a very difficult environment in France.

But this year, to do this, we faced many troubles :
·              Strikes against pension law started early October.  
·              Fuel depots were blocked and gas stations went out
·              of stock very quickly
·              Railways employees massively answered to unions’ calls for strikes.
·              Unions gave advices to dockers of the ports of Le Havre and Fos to go on strikes every week-end in Oct.

Partnership is a true word: Our team started to elaborate several scenarios and and all our partners were instructed and alerted. 
-          We could not start moving containers to Le Havre before Oct 20th because of strikes
-           We moved 70 containers by train using two rail operators (Naviland and Rail-Link)
-           We moved 75 containers by road using one trucking company (Becker)
-           The last container was loaded at Duboeuf on Oct 25th
-           All containers were delivered at Le Havre terminal by Oct 27th
-          A national strike of three days was decided on Oct 28th: no activity on Oct 28, 30, and 31!
On Thursday 28th, we were informed the port of Le Havre would be on strikes during the week end !
We talked to our partners, MSC and Le Havre Port Authorities and  the consequences of not meeting our customer’s needs and after one night of negotiations with Unions,  the vessel was allowed to enter the port of Le Havre and load our containers on Oct 30th !


By a beautiful day of October 31 the Beaujolais Nouveau 2010 departed from Le Havre !
MSC Linzie was delayed by a serious storm and had to shelter behid Natucket waiting good weather conditions to proceed for New York.



And finally,  On November 8th MSC Linzie started to unload at 7.00 PM in New York.
Our fleet was ready to go when the vessel docked and finally Beaujolais nouveau reached its final destination on time !!!                                                                                                                
 Once again, Customer satisfaction is our primary goal!