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Inventory Management is an exclusive and specialized logistics system that ensures optimal management of your products from production to consumption, turning problems into a competitive advantage.

Space & Handling Savings: Most wine producers are located in “non-industrial areas” which are ideal for wines but not for the construction of warehouses due to building restrictions

Quantity Synergies: Production is not programmed based on POs but to build and maintain an “ideal” inventory

Transport Savings: Our trailers’ capacity is 30% more than a 40’ container and they work “one way”

Temperature Protection: We manage our fleet in accordance with seasonal needs – in cooperation with our suppliers and we store your products in temperature controlled facilities built in areas renowned for their mild climate

Product Availability: Your product is available “anytime”, free from seasonal and other restrictions

The Ideal Inventory: The maintenance of an “ideal” inventory -with frequent departures and minimal transit time- is vital to reduce inventory and related financial costs

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