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Japan: Congestion at Aomi Terminal in Tokyo Sea Port

Following to the structural problem, the situation remains the same and is not thought to improve soon. Therefore, due to the exceeding capacity of shipments and the shortage of drivers, Aomi Terminal is extremely congested. Trucks sometimes need to wait for more than 8 hours in long queues to pick up/return containers. Because of [...]

2019-04-23T08:47:47+00:0023 April 2019|

Gori’s new Wine Warehouse set to break ground in Livorno

Rising logistics costs and constrains have increased the demand of additional warehouse space at the departure ports. At Gori, we always strive to offer our customer first class service and we never stop investing. Given the limited availability of modern logistics facilities, Gori has decided to build an additional brand new logistic park dedicated [...]

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