Gori Flexitanks are a multi-layered polyethylene construction with seamless tubular polypropylene on the outer layer to ensure extra strength, reduce risk of leakage and minimize risks of rapturing. Designed to fit into a 20 foot standard ocean container, effectively turning it into the equivalent of an ISO Tank container for the transportation of bulk, non-hazardous liquids.

Why use flexitanks?

  • Gori Flexitank is impervious to oxygen and moisture transmission
  • Gori uses 24,000 liters tanks and have the possibility to load +or-5% (From 21,850 to 24,150 liters)
  • Flexitanks are single-use & disposable which eliminates cleaning procedures cost
  • Minimizes freight charges – One way international freight cost only
  • Loading & unloading time and cost are greatly reduced

For more information, please contact: sales@it.ggori.com