Further to yesterday’s notices on the disruptions at DP World (Fremantle), DP World is now the subject of further industrial action by the MUA division of the CFMMEU affecting its terminals in Australia.

A statement issued on 14 January 2020 by Andrew Adam, DP World Chief Operating Officer, Terminals, has expressed disappointment at the actions of the union who are allegedly pursuing new claims in the enterprise agreement negotiations (which DP World has claimed they cannot accept).
The industrial actions will impact negatively on landside R&D, However, DPW Terminal managers are trying to limit the impact to the greatest degree possible.

The MUA industrial tactic is clearly to withdraw labour for particular time zones adjacent to shift change-overs, as well as other bans and work limitations.
Information gathered about the impact and responses (to date) for each terminal follows:


DP World Fremantle has been closed intermittently from Sunday night, 12 January due to “technical issues” (as described in THE DPW 1-Stop Notifications).
An update from DPW Fremantle issued yesterday said:

Please be advised that commencing Tuesday, 14 January all 1300 and 2100 hrs zones have been cancelled until advised.

As a result, terminal gates will close for shift change at 1240 hrs and will reopen at 1400 hrs, closing again at 2040 hrs with R&D ceasing at 2100 hrs until 0600 hrs the following working day.

Stack runners please note that stack runs can only be manifested between 0600 hrs until 1200 hrs, and 1400 hrs until 2000 hrs (i.e. no trucks are to be manifested for 1300 hrs and 2100 hrs zones).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The responses from DPW Fremantle to adjust landside R&D for the remainder of the week are:

  • Export cut off for CMA CGM Puccini extended to 2200 hrs on Sat. 18 January, and MSC Europe to 2200 hrs on Monday, 20 January.
  •  Import free days have been updated for vessels MSC Rachele, Irene’s Warwick and APL Detroit.
  •  Additional R&D operations have been added:

·                 Thursday night shift 2200 to 0500 hrs

    • Friday night shift 2200 to 0500 hrs; and
    • Saturday day & evening shifts 0600 to 1300 hrs, and 1400 to 2100 hrs.

Regarding the MT pool at DPW Fremantle, we understand that the redirections have ceased, and de-hire slots are available.  However, check the redirection notices, as some container types have been redirected to QCP (i.e. ANL 45G1).

Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) liaised with ANL yesterday to ensure that they provide alternative options for de-hire in case the disruptions at DPW continue (this relates to all terminals).

FTA wishes to clarify details from yesterday’s notice which may have caused confusion relating to empty containers at Fremantle. Our intention was solely to provide information to carriers to prevent or minimize delays and costs to the industry. At no time was FTA advocating that containers be preferentially delivered to Qube.


DPW West Swanson Terminal in Melbourne has issued the following notice:

Disappointingly, the CFMMEU has notified DP World Australia of a further round of industrial action across our terminals.

For DPW Melbourne, this means one hour stoppages at the end of every shift, affecting 0500, 1300 & 2100 time zones.  The stoppages will be commencing from Friday, 17 January, until further notice.

The R&D schedule will be shaped in line with the stoppages & VBS slot availability amended accordingly.

I can assure you that we will do all we can to mitigate the impact of industrial action to the industry.  If you have any questions, please contact our R&D team via email on wst.rd@dpworld.com.au


The same time zone cancellations as noted above in Melbourne (0500, 1300 & 2100 hrs) will occur at DPW Port Botany from this Friday, 17 January.

The DPW Port Botany notification also states the industrial action will also include (other) bans and limitations that will affect operations. (Note: in the past, this has included bans on working at a higher grade, affecting the staffing & operation of the RTGs inside the terminal).


We understand that a notice will be posted by DPW Brisbane to 1-Stop this morning (16 January).

We understand that the work bans affect the same time zones as occurring in Melbourne & Sydney.

This is likely to have an impact in the “old yard” with cancelled time zones, which may impact to a degree on bulk runs and biosecurity activities.

However, it is expected that the operation of the automated Modules will less affected, except for reefer slots in the cancelled zones.

Look out for official advice from DPW Brisbane tomorrow.

It would be appreciated if members could keep FTA / CTAA posted of any extraordinary difficulties you might encounter during this time of industrial action and affected R&D operations.  Please email jpark@FTAlliance.com.au or neil.chambers@ctaction.com.au

We are continuing to engage with all stakeholders (including DP World at an executive and operational level) and will keep members informed, and together with the CTAA, will represent the collective interests of landside stakeholders at the industry level.

We hope that the impasse between DP World and the CFMMEU which has led to these fresh industrial actions can be overcome, and that a final EA put to bed between the parties.

John Park – Head of Business Operations – FTA / APSA