Following to the structural problem, the situation remains the same and is not thought to improve soon.

Therefore, due to the exceeding capacity of shipments and the shortage of drivers, Aomi Terminal is extremely congested. Trucks sometimes need to wait for more than 8 hours in long queues to pick up/return containers.

Because of the terminal congestions, regardless of availability of berth, vessels often need to wait on the water in the bay until terminals are ready to unload containers. This causes delays of sailing schedule, and some ocean carriers omit callings at Tokyo Port.

If you have any shipments going into Tokyo, that has a deadline or requested delivery date, please ensure to contact our Japanese office or local contact prior to shipping.

Our current action plans are:

  • Drayage – increase numbers of trucking suppliers to secure trucks and chassis
  • Selection of ocean carriers using Ohio and Shinagawa Terminals
  • Suggest Yokohama Port or other ports as alternative, as where the congestion is better than in Tokyo