The ITALIAN Government, through a Decree issued on 8 March 2020, has extended the red zones to the entire Lombardy and other 14 provinces in Emilia-Romagna Veneto and Piedmont. The restrictions limit the circulation of people in these areas aimed to contain the transmission of the virus.

The government has also clarified that “the limitations introduced do not prohibit travel for proven work reasons, leaving free movement of goods”.

Personnel conducting means of transport (trucks) can enter and leave the territories affected by the decree, limited to the needs of delivery or collection of the goods.  This means that we are able to go and collect goods from the restricted areas, but surely some challenges will be faced.

We are taking all necessary measures to deal with the emergency, to protect our customers, our staff and anyone who interacts with our network.

As far as GORI is concerned we are fully operative in all our offices and warehouses.  The situation is constantly evolving and therefore the implemented measures could be gradually modified and adapted to the needs.