Our warehouses are a work of art, designed and equipped specifically for the beverages industry and are fully dedicated to optimize delivery times and safeguarding the quality of your product. Gori warehouses also guarantee high level security during loading, unloading and storage. 

  • Located in strategic areas for export & distribution allowing the shortest lead time to destination market
  • Personalized & differentiated handling techniques and procedures, specifically equipped for the beverages industry
  • Temperature control systems – Fast automatic doors for temperature management
  • Fully equipped with CCTV cameras and insured  – 24 hour security system directly connected with local police
  • HACCP, CTPAT and AEO certified

Providing a solution for our customers and producers by using Gori warehouses around the globe to store and track their products

  • Exporters have their product close to the market and importers have their entire portfolio readily available, accelerating delivery times, cutting distribution cost and ensuring products freshness
  • Reduced lead time on shipments and eliminating the risk of running out of stock
  • Reduction of stock inventories and maintanance costs
  • Warehouse visibility: upfront planning resulting in more efficient production synergies and shipping
  • Tracking of the shipments throughout the cycle and traceability of the production lot

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