This web-site will give you the opportunity to meet the Giorgio Gori people, giving our company a friendlier and more personal image. Even a brief description of our many activities shows how the technical standards and the results achieved would be impossible without our staff, their motivation, their dedication and commitment to our customers. An old say goes “Even the longest journey begins with the first step”, and our history also developed in stages, with an egg as a metaphor for the logistic concept, a symbolic representation of the attention and care we dedicate to products during all stages of our involvement. Today, in the technological era, we are more avant-garde than ever, having developed our working methods, while the spirit of the service remains the same. This is why Giorgio Gori has kept for more than 50 years the image of an egg to express the idea of quality without compromise.

Made-to-measure logistic solutions

At Giorgio Gori we have always kept a clear concept on mind: logistics is something much more complex than a simple transport procedure or careful scheduling.Today, more than ever, experience, professionalism, flexibility, the ability to listen and analyze our client's requests represent the crucial instruments for achieving real optimization of the supply chain. This allows us to conceive advanced and personalized logistic solutions from the production line right down to the final consumer.

Specialization that generates value

All your products within your reach. The increasingly global dimension of the Wines & Spirits markets has raised the level of competition and at the same time multiplied logistic problems. Giorgio Gori has answered these needs by designing an exclusive logistic system which offers advantageous economies of scale. Specialization is therefore the distinctive element which ensures efficient access of your products to the market.